Matt Mills Artist Designer Austin Texas


Hey, I'm Matt Mills, a Digital Artist and Software Engineer from Austin, Texas. I've been creating digital artwork in some form since 2002. I started out using Maya to model and render characters. And more recently have been creating a more 2D influenced style of artwork that is far more abstract. I continue to maintain a full-time career as a Software Engineer, while freelancing as a visual designer, and I have recently added on a Co-Founder and CTO role at Art Grab to my resume. It's a lot, I know. But, it is creating the artwork you'll find on this website and on my Instagram feed that keeps me sane.

My Artwork

My artwork comes from a place of introspection and experimentation. It is a free-flowing creative expression released during the small amount of time that I set aside at the end of each day. I spend most of my day writing code and building complex systems. While that itself is a creative endeavor, there is another creative fire that burns deep within me. A fire fueled by emotion, music, and past experiences. 
So, at the end of every day, I sit down and put on some music, open up Photoshop and just start playing with shapes and colors. No sketches, no intentions, just pure creative flow. The artwork is very abstract and seems to connect with various people in different ways, invoking a range of feelings. In that sense, I don't think it is a coincidence that the artwork has resonated with many musicians. In the past few years, I have been hired as a freelancer to work on projects for Odesza, Bassnectar, Opiuo/CloZee, and many others.


I get asked a lot about what software I use to create my artwork. Over the years, I've used a wide variety of software applications on various projects. But, my current process relies heavily on Adobe Photoshop and a plug-in called FilterForge. I also utilize Maxon's Cinema 4D for creating 3D elements and animations. 

Art Grab

Freelancing in the music industry has created a lot of opportunities and friendships. It is those relationships that led me, and several other artists, to start work on building a platform to connect visual artists with musicians, record labels, and agencies that are in need of artwork. What we've built is called Art Grab. It's a platform where visual artists can upload artwork to be exclusively licensed for cover artwork, merchandise, posters, and more. Independent musicians, record labels, and management agencies can search the site for the perfect artwork for their next project and exclusively license it directly from the artist.


For inquiries, please use the contact form or hit me up on Instagram or Twitter.