17 Exclusive Stock&Render 3D Models Now in Matter for iOS

By Matt Mills

17 Exclusive Stock&Render 3D Models Now in Matter for iOS

Boom! I’m away for a few weeks only to resurface today to drop this little bomb on you guys. I’m super excited to announce that the latest version of Matter from the good people over at Pixite includes 17 exclusive 3D models that I created. If you don’t already have Matter, what have you been waiting for? Go get it from the App Store now! Then, once you’ve got Matter, open it up and download the Stock and Render pack. Hey, it’s only $0.99! Show these developers that you appreciate the hard work they put in.

And, not only can you buy a pack of my objects, but you can import (almost) any 3D object (.obj file) into Matter and create something amazing. Yes, you heard that correctly. Import any 3D object! If you’re having trouble finding 3D objects or are looking for something specific, hit me up at matt@stockandrender.com and I’ll see if I can point you in the right direction.

The ability to import 3D objects into an iOS app is (in my opinion) a game changer for iPhone artists like myself. It cuts out a few steps in the process of making some of my edits. And it makes it very easy to try out a variety of styles and angles when placing the 3D object in your scene. Now, I can simply model a bunch of objects on my computer, save them to Dropbox, then import them into Matter for use when I’m making art on my iPhone (which is usually when I’m on the go, or on the toilet).

If you make any edits using the Stock and Render pack, I’d love to see them. On Instagram, just tag @stockandrender. If you’re not on Instagram, simply leave a link in the comments section of this post.

Here are a few edits I made using the new version of Matter.


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