Intricate Circuitry: 10 Free Stock Images

By Matt Mills

Intricate Circuitry: 10 Free Stock Images

Uh oh, look who broke out the camera. That's right, this is the first macro photography image pack I've put out and it's a real doozy. 10 high resolution, digitally enhanced, mouth watering stock images of what appear to be elegantly manufactured electronic masterpieces. Ok, enough of me babbling...let's get on to you drooling over these images. Enjoy!

Number of images: 10
Image format: JPG
Image size: 3000px x 2250px
Resolution: 72 ppi
Created by: Matt Mills
Perfect for: web designers, graphic artists, desktop wallpapers, blogs, stock image hoarders, Photoshop manipulators, presentation backgrounds, and more!

Click the images to open the full resolution versions.


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